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Brief History -

Hello. I'm Tim and rock and roll entered my world when my family obtained their first CD player around 1996. This sparked a fire in me which led me to try and master every style I set my hands to beginning with punk and metal and later leading to progressive rock and more virtuosic styles like Joe Satriani. With these skills I ranked in the top 50 for NSW high-school music performances in 2004.
In 2007 at just over the age of 20, I began a Bachelor of Music with specific weekly guitar tuition at the hands of David Holmes.
Since then I have continued some study but have also continued composing and exploring new sounds and styles. I am continually trying to develop my technique and my music.
I have also engaged in countless performances featured in gospel, 70s, 80s, 90s and modern pop and rock as well as a few Latin and jazz duos.
In 2010 my original piece "Running Away" Ranked number 10th for a nationwide songwriting competition (ASA) under the instrumental category.
I am also an experienced music educator having run many workshops and mentored countless young and old musicians in producing quality music as individuals and in rock band ensembles.

My Educational Philosophy -

The reason I learned to play guitar, and I believe the reason many people want to learn, is because of our love of music. To break it down further: it's what you hear. At the end of the day the measure of your accomplishment on any instrument is that which is heard when you play. While this may seem like a fundamental point, it is one that countless tutors seem to overlook. Often the quality of the music that the student is taught to produce is forsaken for the goal of 'ticking boxes' or 'getting through' a piece of music. For this reason many guitar teachers will take students through many songs in a month without the student truly mastering the nuances or unfortunately in some cases; the basics.
Here are several common problems which create difficulties when trying to master a passage of music:

-A tendency to hold one's breath or breathing irregularly, depriving the muscles of oxygen and ultimately inhibiting you of the dexterity to play at your best
-Focusing visually on executing music rather than aurally
-A lack of 'presence' and forethought while playing.

Each of these problems all cause that which is heard to fall short of perfection and believe it or not -when any one of these bad habits are in effect, they have a unique sound to them. As your teacher, not only can I see what problems are in effect, but I can hear them -which in turn allows me to better articulate how to improve your playing rather than ignorantly chalking it down to more practice.
Practice however is essential -the overwhelming majority of a student's improvement will come from the time spent practicing. This is what I tell my students: Coming to lesson is like buying a happy meal/pizza. Practicing is like eating it. So if you receive lessons and don't practice -it's like buying a nice meal and throwing it away.

My desire for excellence is driven by my love of music and belief that if you're going to play a song -don't just play it right -play it well! Naturally this flows into my mentality when teaching my students. I generally tend not to move on to new material until a student can play a piece as well as I can -and while this may sound harsh, the flow of my lessons are directed progressively: step-by-step. This way when I've taught a student to play their first chord -they will never ever have a problem playing it again -it will always sound musical and clear


Styles of Music Taught -

Having studied music on a tertiary level and participated in a diverse range of performances, I have a fairly open mind for music. I have taught indie, pop, rock, folk, soul, rhythm & blues, gospel, metal and progressive music from the 60s to now. Overall I'm a teacher of all contemporary styles of music. This includes acoustic, electric and some bass. I minored in jazz guitar at university but I'm not authoritative on jazz or classical guitar.

My Musical Interests -

While it's all about what is heard when you play, I believe the core key lies in technique. One of my unique strengths as a teacher is my passion for improving the technique of my students as is relevant to lead playing. I can teach students how to shred up a guitar with lightening fast runs while never loosing sight of melody and emotive inspiration -especially when it comes to improvisation.
My own personal approach and style of lead playing has been influenced early on and recently by players like Joe Satriani, John Petrucci (of Dream Theatre), Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather (of Toto), Greg Howe and Brett Garsed.
If you're new to these styles of playing, it will take time and plenty of practice -quite a bit of which will be purely technical (as opposed to learning lots and lots of songs). This will include things such as:
-Practicing exercises to a metronome
-Learning scales across the entire fretboard and all the theory therein
-Understanding chord progressions and harmony
-Aggressive (or vigorous) adaptation of technique
-Learning to improvise musically

Why not listen to some of my material? Just click below.




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