Lochlan Olsen- Available Monday and Friday

Brief History -

My name is Lochlan. I started learning the guitar when I was 8 years old. I initially played rock and pop music while growing up and enjoyed my time playing in various bands. I started performing publicly in my late teens and since then my love for music has grown immensely.

In 2009 I enrolled into the Bachelor of Contemporary Music course at the Australian Institute of Music. During this time I developed my musicality while studying jazz improvisation, aural skills, music history, theory, and performance studies. After completing my Bachelor course I worked four days a week teaching guitar and performed jazz music at café’s and restaurants every weekend, developing my skill in jazz performance and gaining valuable teaching experience. In 2014 I started post-graduate studies at AIM and completed the course at the end of 2015 with a Masters degree in Contemporary Music. My research consisted of exploring effective practice methodology for jazz students and I was fortunate enough to study teaching techniques led by Dr. Kirill Monorosi.

I balance private tuition and musical performance for my career and I absolutely love all aspects of my work. I believe it's important for the teacher to keep growing and developing themselves in order to teach passionately. I teach Contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, and Classical styles for Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar. I enjoy teaching from the AMEB syllabus and bass guitar for students involved in school ensemble.

My Educational Philosophy -

My teaching philosophy is to keep instructions as simple as possible. In my lessons, students learn the discipline and importance of correct practice and repetition. I don’t believe excessive hours of practice are beneficial if the student is practicing incorrectly. Rather, the method and the consistency of practice is key to musical development.


Styles Of Music Taught -

My biggest musical interest is jazz and my performance and development as a musician almost entirely revolves around different styles of jazz music. When I can, I also listen to soul and funk and will experiment incorporating characteristics of those styles to my playing and teaching.




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