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Brief History -

Hi! My name is Naomi Dodd. Music is my passion and I love being able to share and teach
that passion with others. At the moment my life revolves around music and I love it! I am at
the Sydney Conservatorium of Music completing a Bachelor of Music Composition full
time; playing piano and flute and working towards exams in these instruments; playing
flute in an orchestra and teaching!
Piano was the first big avenue of music in my life. My mum will say she remembers me
letting my feelings out on the piano if I was angry or upset about something. I have been
playing piano now for 11 years and completed my 8th grade AMEB exam in 2014. In 2015,
I chose performance piano for Extension Music and Music 2 and graduated with a Band 6
for Music 2. Now, with a little more time on my hands with finishing school, I am working
towards my AMUS in piano, which is a challenge that I love.
Aside from piano, another big love of mine is the flute. I have now been playing flute for 9
years and am currently working towards my 7th grade AMEB exam. During school I loved
playing the flute in bands, something a little more difficult to do with piano. The capabilities
of the flute amaze me - it’s not just a pretty instrument!
Finally, my most recent musical interest is composing. I was introduced to composition at
school in about yr 10 and really enjoyed this new challenge that was so different to
performance. I chose composition as an elective in HSC Music 2 and received weekly
composition lessons during 12. I realised I loved it so much that I wanted to pursue it at
University so I auditioned and was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Being there, totally absorbed in music has accelerated my growth as a musician and
opened my eyes to so may new musical possibilities. I love being able to create my own
music, and I find listening back on pieces I have written, or hearing them performed,very
Aside from piano, flute and composition, I was in every music ensemble my school offered;
was senior captain for creative and performing arts at high school; have performed
numerous times at charity events, church, talent shows, concerts and much more and
have also completed up to grade 4 musicianship.


My Educational Philosophy -

As a teacher I think it's very important to recognise that every child is an individual and has
different learning styles, so therefore I cannot teach exactly the same way from one child
to the next and expect the same results. I am therefore very flexible and will mould my
teaching style to suit the student. In saying that I think that if you want to keep improving in
your instrument a disciplined and constant approach is very important. Regular practice
does wonders and I cannot express that enough. I also believe though that music should
be fun and enjoyable, so I will always strive to make sure that it is for my students.
I find teaching both piano and flute immensely rewarding. I think music can help in so
many areas of life and is so helpful in a child or any person’s development. I love sharing
my experience and knowledge with others and aiding them in achieving their goals,
whether that’s completing an exam, auditioning for a band or simply being able to
confidently play a piece they love.

My Musical Interests-

I was brought up doing exams which encompassed styles such as Baroque, Classical,
Romantic, Impressionist and Modern music, however since being at uni my eyes have
been opened to many more types such as art music, experimental music that explores an
instrument's capabilities and many other types of contemporary music. Some of my
favourite composers are Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Ross Edwards to name a few.
I love listening to bands such as Cat Empire, Florence and the Machine, Sticky Fingers,
Kimbra and many other contemporary artists.
I can take a student through exams if that is their wish, or just teach them a skill that they
can have for life, and help them play their favourite songs.
Basically I love all types of music and want to share that love with others.

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