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Brief History -

Hello! My name is Jessica. My main focus is Flute; however, I also play the Piano. I began learning the flute when I was in primary school and have now been playing for 13 years, and the piano for 7 years, starting when I was in high school. I attended Turramurra High School, where I was part of the School band for several years before joining the Sydney Youth Orchestra (SYO) program in my senior year. During my high school years, I was also a member of the Knox Kappella choir and the Knox Show Choir. In year 10 I also received the Band award, and in year 12 received the Music 2 Extension Faculty Award. During my gap year in 2015, I spent the year focusing on completing exams on both flute and piano.

Over the years I have also joined several ensembles. In 2015 I joined the SYO Tango Oz Orchestra, and in 2016 went on tour to Buenos Aries and Montevideo. In 2015 I joined the North West Wind Ensemble and have competed with them in numerous State and National wind band competitions across Australia.

In 2016, I began my Bachelor of Music and Education degree at the University of New South Wales. While there, I have performed with the UNSW Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Steve Capaldo, and the UNSW Orchestra under the direction of Steve Hillinger. While playing with these ensembles I have been the Vice-President of both as part of the student led society. I have also played with student led ensembles such as the Seaside Wind Quintet and the Seaside Flute trio.

I am currently still studying my Music and Education degree at UNSW under the tutelage of Jocelyn Fazzone.

My Educational Philosophy -

I believe that the first step for teaching any student is to understand that each student learns differently, is motivated differently and as such have different goals in mind when they learn. Therefore, I believe it is important to tailor and combine different methods of teaching to help aid the student to achieve their goals. I centre my teaching around achieving these goals, no matter if it is aiming to complete an exam, play in a band, perform for friends and family or just learn for the sake of being able to play that one piece you love listening to. I believe that no matter what the end goal is when learning an instrument, that just learning an instrument can be beneficial in many aspects, and can aid in other aspects of life, such as being organised, having a hobby to help you relax or just increase ones understanding and appreciation of music.


My Musical Interests-

Over the years of playing both the flute and the piano I have been exposed to quite a range of genres in music.These styles include Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern and over the last few years I have had the privilege to learn the authentic style of Tango in Buenos Aries.

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