Public School Term Dates 2018

Term 1- Monday, 29th January to Friday, 13th April

Term 2- Monday, 30th April to Friday, 6th July

Term 3- Monday, 23rd July to Friday, 28th September

Term 4- Monday, 15th October to Wednesday, 19th December (closed 20th and 21st Dec)

We Are Open On Pupil Free School Days. (Usually a Monday or Tuesday at the beginning of Term 1, 2and 3)

Private School students please note - We follow the Public School Calendar! If your term dates vary to those above please advise any absence ASAP to avoid dissappointment when trying to reschedule.

We are closed on all Public Holidays

Remember - Even if the first day of Term is a pupil free day The Learning Lounge is OPEN!












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